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Revision History

Revision History

This manual was prepared to cover a specific version of firmware code. Accordingly, some screens and features may differ from the actual unit you are working with. While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication, product improvements may also result in minor differences between the manual and the product shipped to you.


Revision 0.92018-11-11 

First issue

Revision 1.02019-07-30 

Chapter Technical parameters updated.

Revision 1.12019-09-10 

Minor improvements

Revision 1.22019-10-04 

Added chapter 6 (Web interface) and 7 (Settings).

Revision 1.32019-11-14 

Chapter 7 (Settings) improved.

Revision 1.42019-11-20 

Bridge mode and Transparent radio protocol added.

Revision 1.52020-01-24 

Minor modification of chapters 5-7, TBC grant added

Revision 1.62020-02-28 

Screenshots updated according to version
Chapter Technical parameters updated.

Revision 1.72020-06-25 

Added new features of fw

Revision 1.82020-08-28 

Added new features of fw

Revision 1.92020-10-23 

Minor modification of chapter 7

Revision 1.102021-02-11 

Chapter 3 and 9 rework

Revision 1.112021-04-19 

FW features

Revision 1.122021-05-19 

FW features added

Revision 1.132021-07-27 

Minor updates of chapters 5 and 7

Revision 1.142021-08-30 

COMLI protocol added, chapter 8 update

Revision 1.152021-10-07 

Updates of chapters 5,7 and 8