Irrigation, Italy



  • RipEX, RipEX-HS, 432 MHz
  • Irrigation & Security management
  • Two control centers
  • Flexible protocol
  • Solar powering – Sleep mode
  • Back up routes
  • Over 100 remote sites

The Consortium of Reclamation CELLINA MEDUNA, Italy manages over 116,000 hectares of land. It is responsible for coordinating public and private activities related to hydraulic and irrigation works, designing land works and maintaining land reclamation and irrigation projects.

In 2013 the company issued a tender for procurement of a SCADA system to monitor and control an irrigation project and to provide a security management system for the entire area. Due to the remote nature of the terrain, it is important it can be monitored remotely. ETG s.r.l. were invited to provide the optimal solution and utilizing RACOM products, met and surpassed every requirement for a system providing a secure means of communication using a RipEX radio network.

Key mandatory requirements within the tender were:

  • Redundancy of the base stationRipEX-HS was used there
  • Maintain network remotely – RipEX hosts a ‘fast remote access’ management system and SNMP with alarms
  • Solar powered units – RipEX can operate in ‘Sleep Mode’ with 0.1 W power consumption

RipEX has also proven to be outstanding in terms of reliability with anti-collision communication using Flexible protocol on the radio channel and TCP/IP protocols support.

As the application is considered to be very important and outages cannot be tolerated, the RipEX ‘Backup routes’ feature has been implemented. If a radio link fails for any reason, RipEX units automatically switch to GSM backup.

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