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1. Introduction

Ranec (Racom Network Center) is designed for monitoring and controlling the running of MORSE data networks. The topology of the network is graphically displayed on a background of a suitable map. Ranec uses its own means to monitor network operation, indicate current fault states and allow the course of important network parameters over the past period to be displayed. It also allows network configuration to be altered in the Linux environment. Ranec is built for the control desk enabling fast indication of faults and location of their causes.

For the user Ranec comprises of four main parts:

  • Maps – Ranec uses raster and vector maps and maps consisting of named points. Maps and networks can be displayed using the WGS 84 or JTSK geographic systems of coordinates. More maps may also be used at once. Maps may overlap each other or are automatically switched between according to the current scale on the screen.

  • Networks – Elements of the radio network are represented by graphical symbols. Each symbol has the necessary information stored about its position, parameters and relation to other elements. Elements may be spaced consistent with the map at their geographical coordinates or in a selected raster independent of the map for creating logical diagrams, or completely at random. Ranec comes with an editor for working with these elements. The resulting files containing the topology of the network may either be stored to the selected directory or to the MySQL database in the connected server. Ranec allows the Setr control program to be started for a selected point. In the Linux environment it allows downloading of point configurations, drawing connections according to the actual routing, and also a number of other functions.

  • Statistics – Program daemons can be launched in the server for collecting statistical data from the monitored network at selected intervals. It is possible to obtain general information about operation of the network in the past period from data stored to the MySQL database. Information about the availability of individual points of the network are obtained in a similar manner and these points are indicated on screen in real time.

  • Configuration – The cooperating database, screen settings, graphical parameters of elements, method of displaying maps and their selection, and the name of the displayed network are defined here. The current configuration can be stored to file and used on next starting Ranec.

The first time Ranec is launched in the Windows environment

File ranec.exe should be moved to the Ranec directory. When adding the file, then the czech version of Ranec appears. File may be replaced by another file containing a different language version, however, the filename must be kept. Start ranec.exe.

The program starts running with the default configuration which can be saved using the command System>Save configuration to file ranec.cnp in the current directory. This file is generally portable between different versions of Ranec program. However it is recomended to start Ranec without the ranec.cnp file also with default configuration in case of change the Ranec version. Only then save the new configuration ranec.cnp.

Add the vector map crasr.rvm and network configuration net1.rtd to the current directory. Using command Show>Map layers open dialogue box Map list. Use icon to select and add map file crasr.rvm and press “OK” to show the map. Use command Topology>Open file to select and add net1.rtd. Use command Show>Zoom all layers to display the whole map and the simple network.

Screen appearance

Fig. 1.1: Screen appearance

Use command System>Save configuration to save the resulting program settings.

Ranec directory

Using the pack on the, Download, Software, Ranec or newer instalation pack ranec-install- create the Ranec directory. It’s main file ranec.exe is mentioned in the previous paragraph. The content of directory:

The file rr_setr.bat contains the path to Setr.exe:

call morse.bat
C:\Racom\Utils\setr -pIP%RR_MAS_HOST% %1 %2 %3

The file morse.bat contains the address of MAS which serves for communication between Ranec and the MORSE network:

rem IP address of the MAS host

Both files need to be maintained in up-to-date state. The file contains the czech version of the Ranec dialogs. After removing the file the Ranec can be started in english version.

In the Linux environment

the file containing the czech version of dialogs can be saved in the directory

In this case the command ranec runs czech version and the command LANG=en ranec runs english version.

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