Cellular router M!DGE3


RACOM is pleased to announce the launch of the third generation M!DGE cellular router. Our cellular routers are mainly used for data communication in SCADA & Telemetry applications in critical infrastructure for Power and Water, Oil & Gas and other industries. They are also suitable for many other applications where high reliability and 24/7 service are required, such as POS, ATM, Security, etc.

The M!DGE3 was introduced at the ‘RACOM Partner Meeting’ in Prague in September 2022 and is now officially launched. The firmware of this even more powerful router is based on the RipEX2 radio modem, so it has the same fully responsive web interface. The M!DGE3 provides more interfaces including SFP and only one HW model covers frequency bands worldwide.

M!DGE cellular routers have been on the market since 2012 (M!DGE2 since 2018) and have proven themselves in thousands of industrial installations in dozens of countries around the world. M!DGE together with RipEX radio modems offers an unrivalled solution for combining mobile and licensed UHF/VHF radio in one hybrid network.

M!DGE2 remains in our portfolio and it is up to customers which model they choose. We are confident that the M!DGE3 will be as successful as the previous generation and will soon find its place in the market. The first dozens of M!DGE3 units have already been successfully installed in EVN in Vietnam.

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