RACOM & COVID 2nd wave


Countries around the world are again being forced to take steps to control the spread of Covid-19. RACOM continuously implements all guidelines issued by the Czech Government and are doing the same during the current state of emergency. This has resulted in the company more or less adopting the same smart strategies that proved so effective in the Spring of this year, to protect our staff and maintain a smooth running operation.

As was the case in Spring, our infrastructure and production continue to function smoothly. This does however take considerable planning. We operate partially on isolated shifts and provide protective equipment for all staff who must be in the facility. Considerable organization is required to adapt and compensate for colleagues who are away for quarantine or personal reasons, caring for their families.

RACOM is operating at full scale production levels. All incoming orders are processed within standard delivery times. To date and thanks in most part to the commitment and dedication of our staff, production has not stopped for a single day. As a result of long-term planning and good relationships with our suppliers, we are facing no difficulties in our supply chain.

Over 50% of colleagues are working remotely; online meetings are commonplace to support ongoing development. R&D projects continue unhindered, firmware updates are being released on schedule. Thanks to the easy-to-use design of our products and exceptional quality of our web, user manuals, application notes etc. we are not facing any issues with commissioning and operating of our equipment. And, of course, Technical Support is fully operational, even remotely.

Sales and Marketing are making sure our partners continue to receive all the information they need through our Webpage, LinkedInFacebookYouTube and frequent online meetings.

Despite the difficult situation with most projects at least postponed, we are proud to share that our sales is still slightly higher than in the last year. We are also happy that many Internet service providers take advantage of our RAy microwave links being delivered under special conditions during the Covid crisis. ISP’s can quickly and easily increase Internet capacity in their networks for the majority of the population who are working from home offices and students learning remotely.

At a time when many companies are having to lay off or furlough staff, RACOM is hiring! Among other appointments recently made, we have welcomed a new colleague to our R&D team, are strengthening our Purchasing department, and have a new member within the Sales team.

For as long as emergency measures are required to control the spread of the virus, you can be assured that RACOM is ready to cope and supply the world with essential communication equipment.

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