Product homologation successes


As our products generate interest in more and more countries around the world RACOM, in cooperation with its local partners, has been actively engaging with national authorities gaining homologation for all our product lines, allowing them to be used in new territories.

Since gaining homologation for the latest generation of RipEX, M!DGE and RAy in USA and Canada we have been particularly busy in South America where we have recently gained type approval in four new countries.

M!DGE has gained homologation in Ecuador where RipEX has also received government approval.

Both RipEX and M!DGE have also received government approval in Argentina.

In Peru, both products have gained homologation and in Brazil, RipEX has received type approval for use there.

On the other side of the world, we are also happy to announce that RipEX has received type approval in Russia. In addition, both RipEX and M!DGE have been added to the official approved radio equipment list for import, another essential requirement for the Russian market.

This also automatically qualifies the products for use in all other Eurasian Economic Union Countries: Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

Our Sales Managers in these regions are already working with potential partners and end users who have shown an interest in our products.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your respective regional Sales manager will be able to advise details of accreditations specific to your country. They will also be happy to provide more information about our products or how best to meet specific requirements in your area of operation.

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