LEAX-RAy antennas – Feedback


Early in 2017, RACOM and Leax Arkivator Telecom formalised a Strategic Partnership and production of the new Class 3 LEAX-RAy antennas with direct mounting for RAy microwave units began.

Since RAy units with LEAX-RAy antennas have now been used in the field for more than 3 months, RACOM has been liaising closely with some of its partners to collect their experiences and feedback.

The feedback received has been generally positive. Users are impressed with the narrow and sharp beam pattern which makes antenna alignment much easier, especially when using the RAy Tools App. Additionally, excellent side lobe suppression, the light weight and easy installation have been appreciated.

Let us share a few quotes received from our partners:

Martin Králík, NHK Solutions, installing RAy links mainly for CETIN and Vodafone:
“LEAX-RAy antennas very good side lobe suppression as well as exceptional resistance to interference of RAy units have made it easier for us to mount the links in premium positions on busy sites and still experience excellent signal strength and speed”.

Ondřej Dvořák, SUPTel-DISK, installing RAy links mainly for Vodafone:
“Although it is hard to believe, RAy’s unique filter for 10 GHz band is further enhanced in harsh conditions by the side lobe suppression built in to LEAX-RAy antennas. We have got less troubles on Vodafone crowded sites now”.

Miroslav Bebjak, RACOM SLOVENSKO, supplying RAy links mainly to ISP market:
“Our ISP customers are always asking for reliable long haul links. Combining RAy’s exceptional system gain with the excellent antenna gain offered on LEAX-RAy antennas has increased signal strength in real terms on such links and is very much appreciated by our ISP customers”.

All this positive feedback catalyses RACOM-Leax co-operation in the field of R&D. We are hoping to introduce the next generation LEAX-RAy antennas soon.

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