Live outside broadcast

Czech television and RAy

It is common to have RACOM Radio modems and Cellular routers, combining in Hybrid networks to provide solutions.

To see solutions that use RAy Microwave links and RipEX Radio modems combining to provide a solution is not so common. However, this is exactly what happened recently at the Youth Winter Olympics in Czech.

As we have documented in the past, RipEX is often used to transmit split times to race control at outdoor sports events such as cross-country races and was again chosen to provide this function for all the skiing races at the Youth Winter Olympics. The transmitted times were displayed on central scoreboards and also shared with Czech Television, the broadcaster covering the event, to be used in their live transmission of coverage of the races.

A RAy link was used for connection from the transmission truck to provide a live TV stream of the different events over 3 km, allowing the Youth World Cup to be beamed internationally.

This solution serves to show the versatility of RACOM products and how they can be used to provide optimal solutions for customers, even in the most unlikely of settings.

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