RipEX2e radio modem


During the ‘RACOM Partner Meeting in Prague in September 2022, we introduced the new RipEX2e radio modem, which we are now officially launching.

RipEX2e is the essential version of our flagship RipEX2, which has been on the market since 2018. Find out how and why RipEX2e came into the world in the video.

RipEX is a platform of radio modems that provide 24/7 reliable service for wireless data transfer in mission-critical applications such as SCADA and telemetry in critical infrastructure of power, water, gas and oil companies. Its performance has been proven in thousands of installations in more than 100 countries on every continent since 2011.

RipEX2e is based on and fully compatible with the RipEX2 radio modem. Both types can therefore be combined seamlessly in one network on one frequency. Its deployment is expected in less demanding installations that do not use all the features of RipEX2. With RipEX2e, the channel width is limited to a maximum of 50 kHz, modulation to a maximum of 64 QAM, and only two Ethernet and one serial interface are available. RipEX2e does not have an mPCI slot, so it cannot be expanded with GPS, additional serial interfaces or cellular interfaces.

We will continue to produce the first generation of RipEX, but we will not implement new features into it, because its HW capacity is not sufficient for that. We recommend to use it only to extend existing networks and to use RipEX2 and RipEX2e exclusively for new networks, among other reasons, because the physical protocol layers on the radio channel of RipEX and RipEX2/RipEX2e are not compatible.

There are no plans to discontinue production of RipEX at this time. We expect to be able to supply it to expand existing networks for several years, similar to how we are still able to supply the MR400, which was launched in 2005.

We believe that RipEX2e will find its place in the market and customers will appreciate the ability to combine RipEX2 and RipEX2e in one network according to the needs at each site.

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