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Appendix F. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.02013-06-14 
 First issue

Revision 1.12013-06-14 

Revision 1.22013-08-13 

Revision 2.02013-08-28 
 Merged with the Volume 2 – Frequency and Modulation Tables

Revision 2.12013-10-25 
 User data rate correction, RAy11 for 7 MHz / 256QAM

Revision 2.22013-10-30 
 Signal polarization

Revision 3.02013-11-05 
 Extended to the RAy24

Revision 3.12013-12-20 

Revision 3.22014-01-10 
 Frame rate according to RFC 2544, added
 Frequency table for Bandwidth 30 MHz, added

Revision 3.32014-03-28 
 Link speed for CS 28/30 MHz ACAP, 256-QAM corrected
 Country of Origin Declaration added
 Jirous antenna dimensions

Revision 3.42014-07-15 
 RAy11C,D speed and CS correction

Revision 3.52014-08-12 
 RAy11-A,B frequency range corrected

Revision 3.62015-09-23 
 Accessories section enhanced

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