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2. Accessories

RACOM offers a complete set of accessories to operate RAy microwave units in all relevant use-cases and environments. All accessories are selected and thoroughly tested by RACOM for compatibility and are guaranteed to function with RAy units. It is possible to use other components with same or similar functionality and temperature range, but RACOM cannot guarantee they will be completely compatible with RAy units.

2.1. Overview

RACOM-PART-NUMBERShort description              
        Antennas LEAX-RAy (LEAX Arkivator Telecom)   
ANT-LEAX-RAy-300-10/11Antenna 0.3m, 10/11GHz, 30.1dBi, with holder, Class2, Leax  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-600-10/11Antenna 0.6m, 10/11GHz, 35.2dBi, with holder, Class3, Leax  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-900-10/11Antenna 0.9m, 10/11GHz, 38.5dBi, with holder, Class3, Leax  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-1200-10/11Antenna 1.2m, 10/11GHz, 41.0dBi, with holder, Class3, Leax  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-300-17/18Antenna 0.3m, 17/18GHz, 34.7dBi, with holder, Class3, Leax  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-600-17/18Antenna 0.6m, 17/18GHz, 39.7dBi, with holder, Class3, Leax  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-900-17/18Antenna 0.9m, 17/18GHz, 43.5dBi, with holder, Class3, Leax  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-1200-17/18Antenna 1.2m, 17/18GHz, 45.2dBi, with holder, Class3, Leax  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-300-24Antenna 0.3m, 24GHz, 36.9dBi, with holder, Class3, Leax  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-600-24Antenna 0.6m, 24GHz, 42.0dBi, with holder, Class3, Leax  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-900-24Antenna 0.9m, 24GHz, 45.4dBi, with holder, Class3, Leax  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-1200-24Antenna 1.2m, 24GHz, 47.9dBi, with holder, Class3, Leax  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-900-STRUTAntenna wind strut for LEAX-RAy 0.9 m antennas, Leax  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-1200-STRUTAntenna wind strut for LEAX-RAy 1.2 m antennas, Leax  
        Dual polarization extender (OMT)   
ANT-LEAX-RAy-OMT-10/11Dual polarization extender for any 10/11GHz LEAX-RAy antenna  
ANT-LEAX-RAy-OMT-18Dual polarization extender for any 18GHz LEAX-RAy antenna  
        Antennas Jirous (Jirous Antennas)   
ANT-JRMA-380-10/11RAntenna 0.38m, 10/11GHz, 29.0dBi, with holder, Class2, Jirous  
ANT-JRMA-650-10/11RAntenna 0.65m, 10/11GHz, 35.5dBi, with holder, Class2, Jirous  
ANT-JRMB-900-10/11RAntenna 0.9m, 10/11GHz, 37.5dBi, with holder, Class2, Jirous  
ANT-JRMB-1200-10/11RAntenna 1.2m, 10/11GHz, 41.0dBi, with holder, Class2, Jirous  
ANT-JCMA-180-17RAntenna small 0.18m, 17 GHz, 22.6dBi, with holder, Jirous  
ANT-JRMB-400-17RAntenna 0.4m, 17/18GHz, 34.8dBi, with holder, Class2, Jirous  
ANT-JRMB-680-17RAntenna 0.68m, 17/18GHz, 38.6dBi, with holder, Class2, Jirous  
ANT-JRMB-900-17RAntenna 0.9m, 17/18GHz, 41.5dBi, with holder, Class2, Jirous  
ANT-JRMB-1200-17RAntenna 1.2m, 17/18GHz, 44.6dBi, with holder, Class2, Jirous  
ANT-JRMB-400-24RAntenna 0.4m, 24GHz, 36.8dBi, with holder, Class2, Jirous  
ANT-JRMB-680-24RAntenna 0.68m, 24GHz, 41.7dBi, with holder, Class2, Jirous  
ANT-JRMB-900-24RAntenna 0.9m, 24GHz, 44.0dBi, with holder, Class2, Jirous  
ANT-JRMB-1200-24RAntenna 1.2m, 24GHz, 46.6 dBi, with holder, Class2, Jirous  
ANT-JRMB-1200-STRUT-FAntenna wind strut, fixed, for Jirous 1.2 m antennas, Jirous  
ANT-JRMB-1200-STRUT-AAntenna wind strut, adjustable, for Jirous 1.2 m antennas, Jirous  
        Antenna adapters (mounting kits)   
ANT-ANW-KIT-10/11Antenna adapter RAy, 10/11 GHz, for Andrew 30,60,80,100 cm  
ANT-ANW-KIT-17/18Antenna adapter RAy, 17/18 GHz, for Andrew 30,60,80,100 cm  
ANT-ANW-KIT-24Antenna adapter RAy, 24 GHz, for Andrew 30,60,80,100 cm  
ANT-ARK-KIT-10/11Antenna adapter RAy, 10/11 GHz, for Arkivator 30,60,90,120 cm  
ANT-ARK-KIT-17/18Antenna adapter RAy, 17/18 GHz, for Arkivator 30,60,90,120 cm  
ANT-ARK-KIT-24Antenna adapter RAy, 24 GHz, for Arkivator 30,60,90,120 cm  
ANT-FX-R100-KIT-10/11Antenna flexible waveguide flange, RAy, R100, 10/11 GHz  
ANT-FX-R120-KIT-10/11Antenna flexible waveguide flange, RAy, R120, 10/11 GHz  
        Power sources   
PWS-AC/PoE-ACTPower supply Active PoE, 90-264VAC/33W/1Gb, Phihong  
PWS-DC/PoE-ACTPower supply Active PoE, 36-72VDC/33W/1Gb, Phihong  
PWS-HOL-PHIHONGPower supply DIN rail holder for PoE Phihong  
PWS-AC/PoE-PASPower supply Pas. PoE, 100-240VAC/50W/1Gb, protect., IMCO Power  
PWS-DC/PoE-PASPower supply Pas. PoE injector, 8-56VDC/1.4A/1Gb, protect., IMCO Power  
PWS-AC,DC/27VDC/37WPow. sup. DC, 88-264VAC,124-370VDC/27VDC/37W, Batt. charg., MeanWell  
GND-RAyGrounding kit for mast, RAy  
GND-CAT7Grounding kit for Cat7 cable, Quesy  
GND-CAB-UNIGrounding kit universal for cables 5-11mm, FIMO  
        Surge protection   
SURGE-ETHSurge protection 1Gb Eth, PoE transparent, LPZ0B-LPZ1, Saltek  
SURGE-DCSurge protection DC 24V, LPZ1-LPZ2, Saltek  
        Cables and connectors   
CAB-CAT5eCable Cat5e, outdoor, FTP, 4x(2x24AWG), Teldor  
CAB-CAT7Cable Cat7, outdoor, S/FTP, 4x(2x23AWG)+2x(2x24AWG), Pewtronic  
CON-RJ45-CAT6Connector RJ45, Cat6, Cat5e, AWG24, Ubiquity  
CON-RJ45-CAT7Connector RJ45, Cat7,Cat6a,Cat5e, AWG24-22, Telegärtner  
SET-TLG-EXT35Connector RJ45 Telegärtner + Bushing extension 35 mm  
CAB-2F-DC-15mFibre hybrid patch cord, DC+2 fibres, SM, LC/LC, 15m, OFA  
CAB-DC-2×1.5Cable for DC power, 2×1.5mm, Silicon, ProPS  
        USB adapters   
OTH-USB/WIFI-W2Adapter USB/Wifi for RAy, Ogemray  
OTH-USB/ETH-XAAdapter USB/ETH, Axagon  
        SFP modules   
SFP-2F-1G-APACSFP module, 2 fibres, SM, LC, 10 km, APAC Opto  
SFP-RJ45-1G-AVAGOSFP module, 1 Gb Ethernet, RJ45, Avago  
        Accessory kits   
ACS-RAy2Accessory set shipped with every RAy2 unit  
OTH-BUSH-EXT35Extension of the PG21 bushing, metal, 35 mm  
OTH-BUSH-EXT500Extension of the PG21 bushing, flexi, polyamide, 500 mm, Interflex  

2.2. Details

Antennas for direct mounting of RAy unit (LEAX-RAy + Jirous)

All models of LEAX-RAy and Jirous antennas allow direct mounting of RAy unit.

A radio link calculation should be performed to determine appropriate antenna size (use our on-line calculator or RAy-Tools application for smartphones).

Antenna struts (LEAX-RAy + Jirous)  

Bigger antennas (0.9 + 1.2 m) installed at windy sites (wind speed above 50 m/s) require installation of additional struts both for LEAX-RAy and Jirous – see Section 2.1, “Overview for items to quote and Section 4.2.1, “LEAX-RAy antenna mounting” or Section 4.2.2, “Jirous antennas mounting” for installation details.

Antenna mounting kit (for Andrew, Arkivator, Alcoma and others)

Adapters for direct mounting to different antennas. Types for different frequency bands (10/11, 17/18, 24 GHz), different antenna sizes and different manufacturers. Contact us for available types and details.

Flexible waveguide mounting kit (for other antennas)


RAy units can be attached to any antenna using flexible waveguide. Mounting kits to mount RAy unit to the mast and attach flexible waveguide are provided by RACOM. Two types of flexible waveguide flanges are supported: R100 and R120.

Dual polarization extender (OMT = Orthomode transducer)


Extension for LEAX-RAy antennas for 10, 11 and 18 GHz bands. Allows mounting of two RAy units to one antenna.

Power sources

  • RAy unit PoE power supply according to IEEE 802.3at,
    1x Eth PoE output 56 V / 33.6 W, 4 wires
    Input 100 to 240 VAC, -20/+50°C, no SNMP, Phihong



  • RAy unit PoE power supply according to IEEE 802.3at,
    1x Eth PoE output 56 V / 33.6 W, 4 wires
    Input 36 to 72 VDC / 1.2A, -20/+50°C, no SNMP, Phihong


  • DIN rail holder for PWS-AC/PoE-ACT or PWS-DC/PoE-ACT

  • PoE power supply not included – needs to be ordered separately


  • Power supply including passive PoE injector 1Gb Eth
    surge protection, overcurrent fuse
    PoE output 55.2 V, max 0.9 A
    input 100 to 240V / 55W
    temp -25/+60°C; DIN rail, IMCO Power

    • Datasheet

    • orig. part no: ALC01.H 5501 PoE (EV003096, IP.2121.633.55)


  • PoE passive injector 1Gb Eth, max 1.4A
    surge protection, overcurrent fuse
    input 20 to 56 VDC
    temp -30/+60°C; DIN rail; IMCO Power

    • Datasheet

    • orig. part no:   PoE.H 1Gb (EV003391, IP.8421.633.15)

  • PWS-AC,DC/27VDC/37W

  • RAy unit DC power supply 37 W with free air cooling
    (50 W with fan)
    Output 27.6 V DC, optional battery support with UPS function
    Input 90-260 V AC, -10/+50°C, MeanWell


  • GND-RAy

  • RAy grounding set for grounding RAy equipment to the mast. Contains a ZSA16 grounding terminal, grounding tape and a cable with grounding lugs.

  • Detail see Grounding

  • GND-CAT7

  • Grounding kit for Cat.7 S/FTP 4x(2×23 AWG) cable, Quesy

  • Detail see Grounding


  • Grounding Kit universal for 5-11mm cables, FIMO
    Suitable for Ethernet CAT5e + CAT6 cables and for shielded DC cables

Surge protection


  • Protection from the voltage spikes for zones LPZ0B – LPZ1
    1x 1 Gb Ethernet, RJ45 connectors
    DIN rail mounting
    IP20, -40/+80°C, Saltek


  • Protection from the voltage spikes for zones LPZ1-LPZ2

  • 24 V (both wires), max 16 A, DC terminals 2 x 2.5 mm2

  • DIN rail mounting

  • IP20, -40/+80°C, Saltek

Eth connectors and cables

  • CON-RJ45-CAT6

  • STP RJ45 /Cat6 / 8p8c / wire/ gold plated/ AWG24, UBNT

    • orig. part no:   TC-CON connector STP RJ45

  • CON-RJ45-CAT7

  • Connector RJ45, AWG 24-22, Telegärtner
    Suitable for Cat5e, Cat6A, Cat7 cables

    • Datasheet

    • orig. part no:   Telegärtner MFP8 Cat.6A AWG 22-27


  • Connector RJ45, Telegärtner + RACOM OTH-BUSH-EXT35

  • Set RJ45 connector (Telegärtner) and cable bushing lengthening (35mm). Suitable for AWG24-22 (Cat5e, Cat6A, Cat7) cables.

    • Datasheet

    • orig. part no:   Telegärtner MFP8 Cat.6A AWG 22-27

  • CAB-CAT5e

  • Cat.5e cable for connecting RAy units to the network, outdoor,
    UV protected, -40°C to +70°C, TELDOR

  • CAB-CAT7

  • Cat.7 cable for connecting RAy units to the network, outdoor,
    UV protected, -30°C to +70°C, PEWTRONIC Ltd.

    • Datasheet

    • orig. part no: S / FTP 4x (2x23AWG) Cat.7 + 2x (2×24 AWG)

  • CAB-2F-DC-15m

  • DC: 2×1.5mm2; fibre: patchcord, 2-fibres, single mode, LC-connector — LC-connector

  • Other cable lenghts and other types of connectors are available from OFA company (located in Czech Republic). Number and type of fibers in the cable + installed connectors are specified by “yyy” and other variables specified in the OFA datasheet.

    • orig. part no: DLCHRAC2Fyyy Phoenix Microwave Hybrid Cable LSOH, yyy meters, OFA

    • Datasheet

  • CAB-DC-2×1.5

  • silicone rubber, 2×1.5 mm², -55 to +180°C, ProPS

USB adapters


  • (Shipped with every RAy3 unit – plugged in to slot “S”)
    USB WiFi adapter for service access to the management interface, Antenna Alignment Tool and RAy Tools smartphone application. The unit provides a built-in DHCP server. To access the unit, use by default the IP for management and the for Antenna Alignment Tool.


It is strongly recommended that you order this component through RACOM to ensure the WiFi chip model and version is supported by RAy firmware. RACOM cannot accept any responsibility for any issues arising from the use of non-RACOM approved WiFi adapters.


  • Ethernet adapter for service access to the web interface via USB connector. RAy3 provides a built-in DHCP server with up to 6 leases. To access the RAy3 use by default the IP

SFP modules

  • SFP-2F-1G-APAC

  • SFP module, 2-fibres, LC, 10km, -40°C to +85°C, APAC Opto

  • (this module will be replaced by a new module SFP-2F-1G-FARS with same or better parameters)


  • SFP module, RJ45 interface, -40°C to +85°C, Avago

Accessory kits

  • ACS-RAy2

  • RAy3 supplied accessories – basic set of cable bushings and connectors

    • Cable bushing PG21 + O-rings, 3 pc

    • Port cover, 2 pc

    • Rubber sealing for cable bushing, small, 2 pc

    • Rubber sealing for cable bushing, medium, 3 pc

    • Rubber sealing for cable bushing, big, 2 pc

    • Ethernet connector RJ-45, Part No.: CON-RJ45-CAT6, 1 pc

    • DC power connector plug, Part No.: CON-RAy2-DC-PWR, 1 pc

    • DC power connector jumper, 1 pc

    • Tie wrap, 1 pc

    • Silicon grease when 2 units ordered

    • Part No.: ACS-RAy2


  • Cable bushing lengthening, PG21, 35 mm

  • O-ring


  • Cable bushing lengthening, PG21, Flexi, 50cm

    • orig. part no:  
      PA6-23N, RKG-23P21N, RKF-23P21N, 2xORC-23, set REVELET
      flat ring FSN-P21


Use the flat ring at the outer end of the long lengthening, see Connectors assembly.

Extended descriptions

See, Microwave link, Accessories.


Easiest way to order accessories is RACOM E-shop.


Use there a search engine Ctrl+F and RACOM-PART-NUMBER of the searched item.



We strongly recommend to double check local power voltage level and local standards for all necessary accessories to be compliant with local voltage and with all regulations related to safety and surge protection.

We especially recommend to consult local experts and study local standards regarding grounding and surge protection to ensure the chosen and installed grounding and protection meets actual site conditions and safety regulations.

Warranty does not apply for units destroyed by surges (see RACOM warranty conditions at Section 10.8, “Warranty”).