Safety, regulations, warranty


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10. Safety, regulations, warranty

10.1. Frequency

The radio modem must be operated only in accordance with the valid frequency license issued by national frequency authority and all radio parameters have to be set exactly as listed.


Use of frequencies between 406.0 and 406.1 MHz is worldwide-allocated only for International Satellite Search and Rescue System. These frequencies are used for distress beacons and are incessantly monitored by the ground and satellite Cospas-Sarsat system. Other use of these frequencies is forbidden.


The radio operator is responsible for setting the radio parameters of the radio modem exactly in accordance with the valid frequency license issued by national frequency authority, and all radio parameters to be set exactly as listed.

10.2. Safety distance

Concentrated energy from a directional antenna may pose a health hazard to humans.Do not allow people to come closer to the antenna than the distances listed in the tablebelow when the transmitter is operating. More information on RF exposure can be found online at the following website (OET Bulletin No. 65):
Concentré d’énergie à partir d’une antenne directionnelle peut poser un risque pour lasanté humaine. Ne pas permettre aux gens de se rapprocher de l’antenne que les distancesindiquées dans le tableau ci-dessous lorsque l’émetteur est en marche. Plusd’informations sur l’exposition aux RF peut être trouvé en ligne à l’adresse suivante (OET Bulletin No. 65):

The minimal safe distance is typically ensured by the antenna position on a mast. When special installation is required, the conditions of the standard EN 50385: 2002 have to be met. The distance between the persons and antenna shown in the table below comply with all applicable standards for human exposure of general public to RF electromagnetic fields.

Tab. 10.1: Minimum Safety Distance 300–470 MHz

300–470 MHz/70 cm band – 10 W RF power
Antenna codeAntenna descriptionGain G [dBi]Gain G [–]Dist. where the FCC limits are met for
General Population / Uncontrolled Exposure [cm]General Population / Controlled Exposure [cm]
OV380.1single dipole4.62.913060
OV380.2stacked double dipole7.65.818080
SA380.33 element directional Yagi7.65.818080
SA380.55 element directional Yagi8.77.420090
SA380.99 element directional Yagi12.517.8310140

Tab. 10.2: Minimum Safety Distance 135–175 MHz

135 – 175 MHz / 2 m band – 10 W RF power
Antenna codeAntenna descriptionGain G [dBi]Gain G [–]Dist. where the FCC limits are met for
General Population / Uncontrolled Exposure [cm]General Population / Controlled Exposure [cm]
OV138.1single dipole4.62.915555
OV138.2stacked double dipole7.65.821575
SA138.33 element directional Yagi8.06.322580
SA138.55 element directional Yagi10.010.0285100

Tab. 10.3: Minimum Safety Distance 135–175 MHz according to RSS-102

135 – 175 MHz / 2 m band – 10 W RF power
Antenna codeAntenna descriptionGain G [dBi]Gain G [–]Dist. where the limits are met for
General Population / Uncontrolled Exposure [cm]General Population / Controlled Exposure [cm]
OV138.1single dipole4.62.917070
OV138.2stacked double dipole7.65.824095
SA138.33 element directional Yagi8.06.3250100
SA138.55 element directional Yagi10.010.0315125

10.3. High temperature

If the RipEX2 is operated in an environment where the ambient temperature exceeds 55 °C, the RipEX2 must be installed within a restricted access location to prevent human contact with the enclosure heatsink.

10.4. Battery disposal

Battery Disposal – This product may contain a battery (e.g. CRC1225, 3V, 48 mAh). Batteries must be disposed of properly, and may not be disposed of as unsorted municipal waste. Batteries are marked with a symbol, which may include lettering to indicate cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), or mercury (Hg). For proper recycling, return the battery to your supplier or to a designated collection point.

10.5. Explosive atmospheres

RipEX2 unit shall be used in hazardous locations with following specification:
II 3G   Ex ic IIA T4 Gc
according to IEC 60079-0 standard under following conditions:
  • Installation has to be done with conformity to standard EN 60079-25 Explosive atmospheres –
    Intrinsically safe electrical systems, with special attention to lightning protection.

  • The device does not meet the requirements of Chapter 6.3.13. Dielectric strength requirement of the EN 60079-11: 2012, this must be taken into account during installing the device (connectors – or their individual pins – are connected to the housing).

  • The unit must be powered with an intrinsically safe power source.

  • The antenna has to be installed outside the hazardous zone.

  • Do not manipulate the RipEX2 (e.g. plug or unplug connectors) unless powered down or the area is known to be non-hazardous.

  • Only USB equipment dedicated for hazardous locations shall remain connected permanently.

  • Repairs, including exchange of internal battery, shall only be undertaken by an authorized repair shop.

  • This equipment is not intended to withstand particularly adverse service conditions (for example, rough handling, humidity effects, ambient temperature variations, effects of chemical agents, corrosion) in combination with an explosive atmosphere.



For individual interface maximum voltage and current see the following table:

Tab. 10.4: Maximum voltage and current of individual interfaces

IN/OUTMax. voltageMax. currentMin. cross section
of Cu wire
DC power13.6 VDC6 A
0.5 mm2
V03VH-H 2×0.5
SI13.6 VDC10 mA
0.5 mm2
V03VH-H 1×0.5
Alarm input13.6 VDC10 mA
0.5 mm2
V03VH-H 1×0.5
Alarm outputDC power0.2 A
0.5 mm2
V03VH-H 1×0.5
Digital outputDC power0.2 A
0.5 mm2
V03VH-H 1×0.5
RS232±15 VDC60 mA
0.14 mm2
LiYCY 4×0.14
RS485±15 VDC60 mA
0.14 mm2
LiYCY 4×0.14
0.5 mm2
Ethernet RJ45±2.5 VDC 

ATEX type examination certificate 1/3

Fig. 10.1: ATEX type examination certificate 1/3

ATEX type examination certificate 2/3

Fig. 10.2: ATEX type examination certificate 2/3

ATEX type examination certificate 3/3

Fig. 10.3: ATEX type examination certificate 3/3

10.6. Instructions for Safe Operation of Equipment

Please read these safety instructions carefully before using the product:

  • The radio equipment can only be operated on frequencies stipulated by the body authorized by the radio operation administration in the respective country and cannot exceed the maximum permitted output power. RACOM is not responsible for products used in an unauthorized way.

  • Equipment mentioned in this User manual may only be used in accordance with instructions contained in this manual. Error-free and safe operation of this equipment is only guaranteed if this equipment is transported, stored, operated and controlled in the proper manner. The same applies to equipment maintenance.

  • In order to prevent damage to the radio modem and other terminal equipment the supply must always be disconnected upon connecting or disconnecting the cable to the radio modem data interface. It is necessary to ensure that connected equipment has been grounded to the same potential.

  • Only undermentioned manufacturer is entitled to repair any devices.

10.7. SW license

Conditions of use of this product software abide by the license mentioned below. The program spread by this license has been freed with the purpose to be useful, but without any specific guarantee. The author or another company or person is not responsible for secondary, accidental or related damages resulting from application of this product under any circumstances.

RACOM Open Software License

Version 1.0, November 2009

Copyright (c) 2001, RACOM s.r.o., Mírová 1283, Nové Město na Moravě, 592 31

Everyone can copy and spread word-for-word copies of this license, but any change is not permitted.

The program (binary version) is available for free on the contacts listed on This product contains open source or another software originating from third parties subject to GNU General Public License (GPL), GNU Library / Lesser General Public License (LGPL) and / or further author licenses, declarations of responsibility exclusion and notifications. Exact terms of GPL, LGPL and some further licenses is mentioned in source code packets (typically the files COPYING or LICENSE). You can obtain applicable machine-readable copies of source code of this software under GPL or LGPL licenses on contacts listed on This product also includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors.

10.8. EU Compliance

10.8.1. RoHS, WEEE and WFD

EU Declaration of Conformity RoHS, WEEE

Fig. 10.4: EU Declaration of Conformity RoHS, WEEE

Waste Framework Directive Statement

According to the Directive 2008/98/EC on waste amended by Directive (EU) 2015/1127 and Directive (EU) 2018/851 (Waste Framework Directive) we hereby state that our products doesn’t contain substances of very high concern (SVHC) listed on European chemical agency (ECHA) SCIP database candidate list in concentrations above 0.1 % w/w.

10.8.2. EU restrictions or requirements notice

Radio equipment used within the EU countries listed below:

  • there are restrictions on putting into service or

  • any requirements for authorisation of use.

EU restrictions or requirements

Fig. 10.5: EU restrictions or requirements

The RipEX2 radio modem predominantly operates within frequency bands that require a site license be issued by the radio regulatory authority with jurisdiction over the territory in which the equipment is being operated.

10.8.3. EU Declaration of Conformity RED

EU Declaration of Conformity RED

Fig. 10.6: EU Declaration of Conformity RED

10.8.4. Simplified EU declaration of conformity

С настоящото RACOM s.r.o. декларира, че този тип радиосъоръжение RipEX2 е в съответствие с Директива 2014/53/ЕС.

Por la presente, RACOM s.r.o. declara que el tipo de equipo radioeléctrico RipEX2 es conforme con la Directiva 2014/53/UE.

Tímto RACOM s.r.o. prohlašuje, že typ rádiového zařízení RipEX2 je v souladu se směrnicí 2014/53/EU.

Hermed erklærer RACOM s.r.o., at radioudstyrstypen RipEX2 er i overensstemmelse med direktiv 2014/53/EU.

Hiermit erklärt RACOM s.r.o., dass der Funkanlagentyp RipEX2 der Richtlinie 2014/53/EU entspricht.

Käesolevaga deklareerib RACOM s.r.o., et käesolev raadioseadme tüüp RipEX2 vastab direktiivi 2014/53/EL nõuetele.

Με την παρούσα ο/η RACOM s.r.o., δηλώνει ότι ο ραδιοεξοπλισμός RipEX2 πληροί την οδηγία 2014/53/ΕΕ.

Hereby, RACOM s.r.o. declares that the radio equipment type RipEX2 is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU.

Le soussigné, RACOM s.r.o., déclare que l’équipement radioélectrique du type RipEX2 est conforme à la directive 2014/53/UE.

RACOM s.r.o. ovime izjavljuje da je radijska oprema tipa RipEX2 u skladu s Direktivom 2014/53/EU.

Il fabbricante, RACOM s.r.o., dichiara che il tipo di apparecchiatura radio RipEX2 è conforme alla direttiva 2014/53/UE.

Ar šo RACOM s.r.o. deklarē, ka radioiekārta RipEX2 atbilst Direktīvai 2014/53/ES.

Aš, RACOM s.r.o., patvirtinu, kad radijo įrenginių tipas RipEX2 atitinka Direktyvą 2014/53/ES.

RACOM s.r.o. igazolja, hogy a RipEX2 típusú rádióberendezés megfelel a 2014/53/EU irányelvnek.

B’dan, RACOM s.r.o., niddikjara li dan it-tip ta’ tagħmir tar-radju RipEX2 huwa konformi mad-Direttiva 2014/53/UE.

Hierbij verklaar ik, RACOM s.r.o., dat het type radioapparatuur RipEX2 conform is met Richtlijn 2014/53/EU.

RACOM s.r.o. niniejszym oświadcza, że typ urządzenia radiowego RipEX2 jest zgodny z dyrektywą 2014/53/UE.

O(a) abaixo assinado(a) RACOM s.r.o. declara que o presente tipo de equipamento de rádio RipEX2 está em conformidade com a Diretiva 2014/53/UE.

Prin prezenta, RACOM s.r.o. declară că tipul de echipamente radio RipEX2 este în conformitate cu Directiva 2014/53/UE.

RACOM s.r.o. týmto vyhlasuje, že rádiové zariadenie typu RipEX2 je v súlade so smernicou 2014/53/EÚ.

RACOM s.r.o. potrjuje, da je tip radijske opreme RipEX2 skladen z Direktivo 2014/53/EU.

RACOM s.r.o. vakuuttaa, että radiolaitetyyppi RipEX2 on direktiivin 2014/53/EU mukainen.

Härmed försäkrar RACOM s.r.o. att denna typ av radioutrustning RipEX2 överensstämmer med direktiv 2014/53/EU.

10.9. Compliance Federal Communications Commission and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Installation and usage of RipEX2 radio modems must be done by qualified and experienced person with proper training and technical knowledge such as path planning, licensing and regulatory requirements.

FCC Part 15.19(a):

“This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

  • This device may not cause harmful interference

  • This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.”

FCC Part 15 Clause 15.21:

“Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment”

Tab. 10.5: Compliance FCC and ISED

CodeFCC partFCC IDISEDIC number
RipEX2-1A 90SQT-RIPEX2-1A RSS-10224993-RIPEX21A

Possible values for channels, channel spacing and occupied bandwidth fulfilling FCC rules are shown in Chapter 9, Technical parameters.


The radio operator is responsible for setting the radio parameters of the radio modem exactly in accordance with the valid frequency license issued by national frequency authority, and all radio parameters to be set exactly as listed.

Grant for RipEX2-1A

Fig. 10.7: Grant for RipEX2-1A

TCB Grant for RipEX2-4A

Fig. 10.8: TCB Grant for RipEX2-4A

TCB authorization

Fig. 10.9: TCB authorization

FCB certificate for RipEX2-1A

Fig. 10.10: FCB certificate for RipEX2-1A

FCB certificate for RipEX2-4A 1/2

Fig. 10.11: FCB certificate for RipEX2-4A 1/2

FCB certificate 2/2

Fig. 10.12: FCB certificate 2/2

10.10. Compliance ANATEL Brasil

RipEX2-4A : This equipment is approved by ANATEL under number 16763-20-08917.

10.11. Warranty

RACOM-supplied parts or equipment (“equipment”) is covered by warranty for inherently faulty parts and workmanship for a warranty period as stated in the delivery documentation from the date of dispatch to the customer. The warranty does not cover custom modifications to software. During the warranty period RACOM shall, on its option, fit, repair or replace (“service”) faulty equipment, always provided that malfunction has occurred during normal use, not due to improper use, whether deliberate or accidental, such as attempted repair or modification by any unauthorised person; nor due to the action of abnormal or extreme environmental conditions such as overvoltage, liquid immersion or lightning strike.

Any equipment subject to repair under warranty must be returned by prepaid freight to RACOM direct. The serviced equipment shall be returned by RACOM to the customer by prepaid freight. If circumstances do not permit the equipment to be returned to RACOM, then the customer is liable and agrees to reimburse RACOM for expenses incurred by RACOM during servicing the equipment on site. When equipment does not qualify for servicing under warranty, RACOM shall charge the customer and be reimbursed for costs incurred for parts and labour at prevailing rates.

This warranty agreement represents the full extent of the warranty cover provided by RACOM to the customer, as an agreement freely entered into by both parties.

RACOM warrants the equipment to function as described, without guaranteeing it as befitting customer intent or purpose. Under no circumstances shall RACOM‘s liability extend beyond the above, nor shall RACOM, its principals, servants or agents be liable for any consequential loss or damage caused directly or indirectly through the use, misuse, function or malfunction of the equipment, always subject to such statutory protection as may explicitly and unavoidably apply hereto.

10.12. RipEX2 Availability and service life time

Annual availability is >= 99.99 % (for MTTR = 8 hours and P-t-P scenario)

The Availability depends on specific network design and Service availability. Availability can be increased by decreasing MTTR. Availability calculation needs to be done for each network element separately.

RipEX2 redundant solution within Field Replaceable Units fully achieving the level availability and reliability for the Core elements.


Core networks elements(repeaters/bases) are typically designed for high availability i.e. needs to be 99.999% available with any single component (radio node) fails.

Service life of system >= 15 years

10.13. RipEX2 maintenance

Visual check – Antenna:
 Draining hole on dipole must be downward pointing
There should be no damaged elements on the antenna
Angle of elevation of antenna
Azimuth (angle of horizontal deviation) in accordance with design
Visual check – Coaxial Cable:
 Mechanical damage
Solar degradation
Entire cable correctly mounted to surface
Connectors tightened to function optimally
Self-vulcanizing tape used for all connections requiring insulation
PSV & RF measurements
Visual check – Cabinet:
 Mechanical damage
Damage resulting in lower categorization for cabinet coverage
Bushings for running cables
Visual check – Electricity Supply:
 Insulation damage
Connection to terminals
Visual check – Accumulator:
 Capacity in accordance with customer requirements
Condition of the accumulator
Functionality check – power source:
Accumulator damage
Full utilization of provided protective coveringsAnnually 
Remove any items which are not part of the installationAnnually 
Fix and secure makeshift installations correctlyAnnually 
Check grounding connectionsAs required 
Check lightning arrester : connectors must be tightenedAs required 
Check data connectors connected including securing screwsAnnually 

Evaluate the RSS and MSE values as a preventive measure against
      the failure of the connection. RSS and MSE values be similar to
      those at time of commissioning.

MonthlySection 8.5.5, “Radio signal statistics”
Section 8.7.2, “RSS ping”
Section, “Cellular signal statistics”
Check activity logs to detect abnormalities in data transmissionsMonthlySection 8.5.3, “Radio protocol statistics”
Section 8.5.4, “Radio protocol non-addressable statistics”
Section, “Cellular state statistics”
Check if internal temperature alarm has been triggeredMonthlySection 8.4, “Events”
Section 8.2.1, “Measurements”
Check that firmware is latest stable version – upgrading FW
      recommended when new features required
As requiredFirmware RipEX2

If you are unsure on any of the above, please contact RACOM technical support.

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