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A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.12007-01-30 

The document title for MR400 series is SETR firmware and for MR25 SETR firmware for MR25

Hierarchy routing tables, DHe menu, new chapter

Revision 1.22007-03-30 

RSS treshold, FMe o menu, new parameter

Revision 1.32007-09-18 

Frequencies for Mobile mode, Rpe 1 menu, new parameter

Revision 1.42007-08-22 

Link list for fw 8.04, ill menu, updated

Revision 1.52007-10-23 

IP-M-IP, address resolution, change of processing sequence (mask / Art)

Revision 1.62008-06-17 

Noise level in sRs menu, specification

Treshold DQ for MR25 and treshold RSS for MR400

Diagnostic, d(i)ag menu, divided into more chapters

Revision 1.72008-07-15 

Stop bit for SCC2+3 in MR400 series can take the values 1 or 2 only, see SPe menu

Revision 1.92008-08-27 

M-IP-M, address resolution using mask, fragmentation

Revision 1.102008-12-12 

Frequency step and channel bandwidth – specification, since 2008-12 labelled in the production code

Revision History, list of changes in this manual since 2007-01-18 added

Revision History, list of changes in this manual since 2007-01-18 added

Revision History
Revision 1.112009-01-05 

Frequency step 6,25 kHz, indication in the Setr menu

Revision 1.122009-06-23 

Art edit, routing tables redirect

Revision 1.132009-07-02 

Sleep time interval enlarged (MR400 only)

Revision 1.142009-12-01 

IP multicast, Art table extent

Revision 1.152009-12-04 

ARP tables locking in NORMAL mode

Revision 1.162009-12-17 

ARP tables locking in POSITIVE and NEGATIVE mode

Revision 1.172010-02-03 

Index attached

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