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4. Memcp.exe

Serves for downloading firmware, i.e. for recording program modules into the CU (e.g. into the MR400) via the service cable, Ethernet channel, IP network or through the MORSE network. Work with the MEMCP.exe application is described in more detail in the MORSE Guide documentation in the chapter Download firmware to the CU – introduction and in next chapters. Here we provide a short example.

4.1. Example of downloading fw module E to the CU

Start the application with the batch file which is prepared in the MORSE package together with the file memcp.exe:


The same result is achieved by starting utility memcp.exe with the respective parameters:

memcp -nt5000 -nr20 -as8 -pS -pb115200 -af.\fkl\ce10.fkl %1 %2 %3

For it to function it is important that files memcp.exe, starter.exe and sub-directory fkl containing file ce10.fkl are stored in the current directory where the macro mr900_cbl_le.bat is located. If program setr.exe is running switch it off first.

Wait approx. 10 sec before communication is made and then monitor the transfer of packets indicated by symbols ###. Once transfer is complete end Memcp using command Alt+X. During the next 10s module ce10.fkl is copied within the CU and is prepared for operation.

Transfer of a firmware module

Fig. 4.1: Transfer of a firmware module

Other macros mr900_cbl_l.... are used in the same way :


For MR400, MC100, MR900 use macro mr900_cbl_le.bat and files ce10.fkl

For MR25, MCM302, MR25ET used macro mr25_cbl_le.bat and files me10.fkl


After fw download it is necessary to save the initial configuration into FLASH memory using Setr and command (c)nf (b)ackup.

Below is a general description of the macro. For a more detailed explanation see section Download firmware to CU – introduction. Macros for downloading individual modules:

starter memcp -nt5000 -nr20 -as8 -pS -af.\fkl\cd10.fkl -pb115200 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5
starter memcp -nt5000 -nr20 -as8 -pS -af.\fkl\ce10.fkl -pb115200 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5
starter memcp -nt5000 -nr20 -as8 -pS -af.\fkl\cg10.fkl -pb115200 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5
starter memcp -nt5000 -nr20 -as8 -pS -af.\fkl\ch10.fkl -pb115200 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5
starter memcp -nt5000 -nr20 -as4 -pS -af.\fkl\cb10.fkl -pb19200 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5
starter memcp -nt5000 -nr20 -as4 -af.\fkl\cb10.fkl -pb19200 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5

start auxiliary program starter


calling the memcp program

-nt5000 -nr20

timeout and repeat for transmission through the network


length of transmitted packets


B-saver module active in the destination CU


signalling rate over service cable


calling source file ce10.fkl

%1 %2 %3

place for other possible parameters

When downloading various modules only the labelling of the source file ce10.fkl changes. For increased security when transmitting module B the length of the packet is shortened to -as4 and the signalling rate is reduced to -pb19200.

4.2. Parameters for Memcp.exe

  • Common – see chapter Section 1.2.4, “Common parameters for all applications”

  • Special – example:

    • -af[filename]

      • calling the source file

      • example -af.\fkl\ce10.fkl for MR400 and MR900

      • example -af.\fkl\me10.fkl for MR25 and MCM302

    • -pS

      • communication with the Saver module

    Other parameters are given in the example and in the detailed description.

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