Sales meeting Outcomes


The traditional annual, January meeting of RACOM sales managers, product management and technical support took place fully online this year. Despite the difficult pandemic situation, our team evaluated 2020 as a positive year with our sales figures similar to 2019. Predictions for 2021 suggest moderate growth, so we remain positive.

These are a few quotes from members of our teams which come from the meeting:

ISP market
In 2020 we saw home internet usage skyrocket during the pandemic, and Internet service providers quickly reinforced their networks to meet the new sudden demand, as work and schools relocated their access to the internet from their usual high-speed connections to their homes. We are delighted that many improved their capacity and reliability with RAy3 Microwave Links and I see this continuing through 2021 as older and lower specification equipment is upgraded to high availability links. I believe that ISPs will continue to invest to meet the challenge of the video conferencing and the stay-at-home entertainment explosion.

Mark Sutton, VP Sales  (Europe, Middle East and North America)

SCADA networks
RACOM Radio modems and Cellular routers are mainly used in critical infrastructure for utilities like power and water distribution, Oil & Gas etc. These critical infrastructures were affected by lockdowns even more than the rest of the industry with third parties not allowed to visit their premises. The most affected were countries in Europe where almost all new installations were stopped and postponed till 2021. So this year we expect rapid growth of deliveries for signed as well as new contracts.

Pavel Pejchal, Radio modems Product manager

North Africa
The Radio modem market in North Africa was not as affected, at least from the point of view of tenders. RipEX2 Radio modems were selected for communication in SCADA networks for power utilities in Morocco and Egypt. As these contracts roll out several hundred RipEX will be delivered during 2021.

Vincent Bulot, Regional Sales Manager

Technical support
Because of travel restrictions, onsite technical support was very limited in 2020; Almost everything was moved to remote support. Fortunately, RACOM products are already prepared for such a scenario, so there were no issues. In addition, our Product management team responded adaptably and started to produce Tutorial videos which help a lot. Interestingly, Covid taught us to use different tools which are more effective and economical than traditional ones in many cases.

Zdeněk Karmazín, Head of Technical support

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