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3. Accessories

Whole accessory list is available on RACOM website.

  1. L-bracket

    L-bracket cannot be used if a cellular Extension module (any of W/E/P/A) is installed.

  2. Flat-bracket

  3. RipEX2 Hot Standby

  4. RipEX2-RD

  5. RipEX2-RS

  6. USB adapters (ETH, WiFi)


    WiFi adapter Part No.: OTH-USB/WIFI-W1, which was suitable for previous generation of RipEX does not work with RipEX2 units. Please use OTH-USB/WIFI-W2 adapter instead. Since FW it is possible to use OTH-USB/WIFI-W3 adapter.

  7. Demo case

  8. Ingress Protection IP52

  9. Dummy load antenna
    Dummy load antenna for RipEX2 is used to test the configuration on a desk. It is unsuitable for higher output – use transmitting output of 1.0 W only.

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