2017 – The Best Year Ever?


Now that is a hard question to answer and I suppose it all depends on your own definition!

If defined as growth, RACOM has again increased turnover to new highs thanks to increased sales in all product lines by over 15% compared to 2016 figures. This has been achieved through the dedicated efforts of everyone linked to RACOM, from company staff to our partners and distributors, our suppliers and of course, our customers who place their faith in the quality and reliability of our products. A big thank you must go to everyone for the part they have played in our continued growth.

However, turnover is only the result of other inputs. It must be recognised that steady growth year on year, would not be possible without key strategic decisions in place that guide our development and in these terms, 2017 is no different from past years.

Strategic partnerships became something of a theme this year. In June we announced a strategic partnership with Leax Arkivator Telecom. This partnership involves LEAX producing Class 3 antennas with direct mounting of RAy Microwave units. Leax will also support current and future RACOM development to produce antennas specifically designed to offer the optimal solution for end to end links. Early feedback from the market is very promising.

In September we announced another strategic partnership agreement, this time with SIMOCO wireless solutions. With over 70 years of experience and a forward thinking approach to constantly provide innovation and new technologies for a driven future, Simoco wireless solutions makes an ideal partner for RACOM, sharing the same visions for the future of the industry.

Our products too, received enhancements to ensure they remain at the forefront of their respective markets:

  • RipEX now incorporates IPsec which provides a full range of security requirements including authentication, encryption, protection and key exchange
  • The RAy Tools App has revolutionised the way engineers can perform antenna alignment on RAy links using their mobile phones with WiFi connectivity to the link. Indeed, engineers from a prominent microwave customer recently commented on how easy they found set up of RAy to be and that it must have been designed with engineers in mind
  • M!DGE is being used in ever increasing numbers within hybrid networks alongside RipEX, offering an unrivalled solution for combining GPRS and UHF/VHF licensed radios in a single network

Our global reach is also expanding, thanks in no small part to the efforts of our sales management team, promoting our products on the global stage and to the ever increasing list of approvals our product lines are achieving in different countries around the world.

So, 2017 – The best year ever? We will leave you to be the judge of that.

But what RACOM does know for sure is that there will be big expectations for 2018 – We are confident we will meet that challenge.

2018 promises to be a VERY big year. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Best wishes to all our customers, suppliers, partners, colleagues and friends. Have an enjoyable break over the festive period and every success for the year ahead.

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