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Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.02014-05-28 
 First issue

Revision 1.12014-06-04 
 Name plate changes

Revision 1.22014-07-15 
 RAy2-11 C,D user speed and CS correction.

Revision 1.32014-07-25 
 Accessory supplemented

Revision 1.42014-08-12 
 RAy2-11 A,B frequency range corrected

Revision 1.52014-09-01 
 Several channels added to RAY2-11 A,B
 H/L switching warning
 ETH cable grounding
 Overview diagram of the unit
 IP address setting in Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC

Revision 1.62014-09-10 
 Menu description updated for fw

Revision 1.72014-09-12 
 Changed the Upper channels labeling at RAy2-17, RAy2-24
 Changed the Upper channels frequency for 56 MHz bandwidth at RAy2-17, RAy2-24

Revision 1.82014-11-24 
 Added the Switch settings – Advanced menu description

Revision 1.92015-03-06 
 Quick Start Guide – new description
 Chapter 1 – the technical parameters table moved to Chapter 10
 Directing antennas – the new explanation

Revision 1.102015-03-25 
 Configuration – updated
 Declaration of Conformity – updated

Revision 1.112015-04-21 
 USB accessories – updated
 Alarm Acknowledge – updated
 50 MHz channel on 17 and 24 GHz

Revision 1.122015-06-02 
 Updated for fw
 Changes in the super user mode
 Order code description
 RAy2-10 radio parameters updated
 Accessories updated

Revision 1.132015-12-01 
 Updated for fw
 Diagram PIRL improved
 Diagram Advanced added

Revision 1.142015-12-30 

Revision 1.152016-03-31 

Revision 2.02016-04-20 
 Simplified table radio parameters
 Frequency tables moved to Channel arrangements

Revision 2.12016-05-05 
 Updated table Radio parameters
 Updated table Radio parameters RAy2-18

Revision 2.22016-05-25 
 ATPC and EIRP explanation

Revision 2.32016-06-14 
 Radio parameters RAy2-18 updated

Revision 2.42016-06-29 
 Minimum safety distance for RAy2-18 added

Revision 2.52016-09-22 
 Further RAy2-18 parameters updated

Revision 2.62016-10-03 
 Multi-Path Signature tables added
 Sensitivity tables BER 10-3 added

Revision 2.72017-01-25 
 Updated for fw
 WiFi access via USB adapter

Revision 2.82017-04-18 
 Updated for fw
 Antenna Alignment Tool
 Mobile devices

Revision 2.92017-06-13 
 EU Declaration of Conformity

Revision 2.102017-10-18 
 LEAX-RAy antennas informations added
 Antennas installation instructions moved to web

Revision 2.112018-06-12 
 Accessories chapter updated
 RAyTools iOS version added
 Chapters and paragraphs rearranged

Revision 2.122018-09-05 
 Product chapter rearranged
 Title page shortcuts

Revision 2.132018-10-24 
 Dual polarization extenders updated to reflect new ordering codes for 10+11 GHz.

Revision 2.142019-04-26 
 Accessories chapter updated to reflect new ordering codes
 RAy2-10 added 40 MHz channel

Revision 2.152019-06-20 
 Update chapters 1.6, 1.7 and 10

Revision 2.162021-10-18 

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