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Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.02018-10-04 
 First issue

Revision 1.12019-04-15 
 RAy3-17 data – preliminary
RAy3 HW variants introduced

Revision 1.22019-05-20 

Extended Chapter 5, Configuration (to reflex FW development)

Revision 1.32019-07-23 

Revision 1.42019-09-06 

Updated Chapter 2, Accessories
Extended Chapter 5, Configuration (to reflex FW development)
Extended Section 10.7.1, “RED Declarations of Conformity” – DoC RAy3-17

Revision 1.52019-11-11 

New items in Chapter 2, Accessories (marked by ‘*’)
Improved description of some items (accepted polarities of PoE and power supply, FlowControl parameters in Eth switch, Chapter 8, Troubleshooting).
Final parameters for RAy3-17

Revision 1.62020-02-10 

Extended sections:
PIRL setup, Egress queue setup and VLAN setup (to reflex FW development).
Improved description of some items (new Pressure equalization).

Revision 1.72020-04-09 

Revision 1.82020-06-22 

Improved description of some items:
Section 1.7, “Ordering codes”
Section 3.3, “Basic link configuration”
Section 4.3.2, “RAy unit mounting to the antenna”
Section 5.5.1, “Status” – RMON counters
Chapter 7, RAy Tools app for Mobile devices
Removed Appendix B. – Change of HTTPS certificate (not relevant for RAy3 yet)

Revision 1.92020-09-29 

Completely new Section 5.5.3, “QoS” (to reflex FW development)
Improved description of Section 1.3.3, “DC power (using ETH1+POE)”

Revision 1.102021-03-10 

Two completely new sections: “Encryption” in Section 5.4.2, “Radio” and “Radio loopback” in Section 5.6.2, “Live data” (to reflex FW development)
Improved Section 1.6, “Sizes, packaging and labeling” – added sizes and weights of boxes.
Change of HTML and PDF typography of the manual to improve text flow and text scaling possibilities on all types of displays (including small mobiles).

Revision 1.112021-08-18 

Improved description of Section 1.2.1, “Antenna waveguide” and Section 1.2.2, “Unit mounting”
Updated Section 1.3, “Ethernet + power interfaces” (added RAy3-18).
Updated Section 1.6, “Sizes, packaging and labeling” (added RAy3-18)
Updated Section 1.7, “Ordering codes” (added RAy3-18 and encryption SW key).
Updated Section 5.3, “Status” and Section, “Radio parameters” (added parameter ‘Power to be received [dBm]’)
Improved description of Section, “Backup, Default settings, Diagnostic package, MIB” and Section, “SW feature keys”
New sections in Chapter 9, Technical parameters (added preliminary RAy3-18 parameters)

Revision 1.122022-01-13 

Updated Section 1.1, “Main characteristics” (mentioned RAy3-10 and RAy3-18)
Updated Section 1.5, “Status LED ( S )” (new indication for power supply voltage out of range)
Updated Section 1.6, “Sizes, packaging and labeling” (mentioned RAy3-10, RAy3-18)
Updated Section 1.7, “Ordering codes” (mentioned RAy3-10, RAy3-18 and new SW feature key “Power”)
Updated section Section, “Alarms Status” (new names of alarm severities)
Improved sections Section, “Radio loopback” and Section 6.3.4, “Radio loopback” (corrected explanation of measured antenna parameter CPI – Cross-Port Isolation)
Updated several sections in Chapter 9, Technical parameters (improved MTBF for RAy3-17 and RAy3-24, added final RAy3-18 and preliminary RAy3-10 parameters)
Updated section Section 10.7.1, “RED Declarations of Conformity” (added RAy3-18B)

Revision 1.132022-02-11 

Updated Section 4.6, “Power supply” (mentioned stronger power supplies, IEEE 802.3at/bt standards, etc. needed for RAy3-10 and RAy3-18)
Updated Chapter 8, Troubleshooting (added item “RAyTools smartphone disconnects from RAy unit”).
Updated Table 9.1, “Parameters 10 GHz” (added Sub-band B in to preliminary RAy3-10 parameters)
Updated Section 10.7.1, “RED Declarations of Conformity” (added DoC for RAy3-18)

Revision 1.142022-04-20 

Updated Section 1.7.1, “RAy units” (added RAy3-10 order codes)
Updated Section, “Backup, Default settings, Diagnostic package, MIB” (improved specification of the backup and settings functionality)
Updated Section, “Radio loopback” (limit for good TX to RX isolation lowered to 45 dB)
Updated Chapter 9, Technical parameters (completed RAy3-18 parameters, added RAy3-10 parameters)

Revision 1.152022-06-15 

Updated Chapter 9, Technical parameters (simplification of structure, moving some tables into ‘details’ sections, added column ‘Note’ into all ‘Frequency tables’, tuning of RAy3-10 parameters)
Section 9.1, “RAy3-10 details” (final technical parameters)
Section 10.7, “Declarations of Conformity” (added DoC for RAy3-10)

Revision 1.162023-03-23 

Updated Chapter 1, Product (added RAy3-11 and RAy3-80 to most sections, added Section 1.1.3, “SW concept”
Updated Chapter 3, Step-by-step Guide (FW development related changes, modified for RAy3-80)
Added Section 5.1.1, “Supported web browsers”
Updated Section 5.3, “Status” (parameter ‘TX modulation’ modified into 2 parameters ‘Current TX modulation’ and ‘Max TX modulation’)
Updated Section, “Radio parameters” (modified for RAy3-80, modified parameter ‘TX power’ to ‘Max TX power’)
Updated Section, “Radio adaptation” (added info about new more powerful frequency tables)
Updated Section, “Antenna Alignment Tool” (modified for RAy3-80)
Updated Chapter 9, Technical parameters (added RAy3-11 and RAy3-80, added Emission Designation sections for most bands)