Interface Protocols


MORSE excels over other similar communication systems in its method of implementation and the range of protocols offered on the user interface of MR400 radio modems and MG100 GPRS modems. There are 77 standard and company protocols available and the implementation of others is pending upon requests from users.

Protocol Brief Description
MAS Morse Application Server – connecting between IP application and MORSE members.
MAS – example Morse Application Server – example
IP-M-IP IP transparent over MORSE
MARS-A Universal protocol for MORSE system services
PPP Protocol for communication between the MR25/400 serial port and the IP net router.
PPP-GPRS Setting of PPP for MG100.
SLIP Serial line internet protocol.
Async link Allows creating of transparent async link between two points. Uses the 16 bit address.
Async link ++ Allows creating of transparent async link between two points using the complete MORSE address.
UNI Universal Master-Slave protocol.
SDR Semi-Dynamical Routing
ADIO Communication with the Analog and Digital I/O Module for MR400
SEP Protocol for communication between MR25 unit and the digital and analog I/O unit SEP.
SEP – examples Examples for various SEP communication modes.
MTF Morse Technology Format
SLEEP SLEEP mode – quiet state with low consumption
GPS Protocol for communication between MR modem and GPS receiver.
DCF Synchronization of inner CU clock according to clock radio recorder.
HAYES Simulation of dial-up modem.
Siemens (MARS-E) Compatible with Siemens 3964 protocol.
IEC 870-5-101 (Landis&Gyr) Protocol Landis & Gyr for MORSE (comes from narrow definition of format FT 1.2 by IEC 870-5-2).
RTU Special protocol creating the simulated RTU, which connects the IEC 870-5-2 protocol with the MTS and ECS equipments.
RDS Protocol compatible with RD300FS.
PR2000 Protocol PR2000 is used in PLC devices of English company Serck.
DIRAS Protocol for communication with DIRAS devices.
S-BUS Protocol for communication with SAIA PLC devices.
RP570 Protocol for communication with PLC made by ABB.
SAUTER Protocol for communication with PLC made by SAUTER.
COMLI Protocol for communication with SattCon device from Swede company ALFA LAVAL.
SIFAS Communication with weighing machine SIEMENS.
SCHENCK Communication with weighing machine Schenck.
RADOS Connecting of radioactivity detectors of firm RADOS.
INCA For communication between signalization devices of parking places and control center.
MDU Communication between intelligent light signals in transport and control center.
APE Amit PLC with serial interface
ECS Communication with gas meters of firm ECS.
Park Air Communication with NORMARC system of firm Park Air Systems.
MININET Protocol for communication with MININET device.
PROMOTIC Protocol for communication with Promotic device.
LonWorks Linking segments of LonWorks network.
MITSUBISHI Link HDLC protocol for PLC MITSUBISHI device, FX series.
BIIS Serial BIIS protocol.
DF1 Allen-Bradley DF1 – full-duplex protocol for Allen-Bradley devices.
MELSEC C24 Communication with Melsec PLC.
SEAB 1F Protocol for PLC AEG
SKAO Protocol for controlling of cathode protection equipment for pipeline.
AEG Protocol for P-Tech
DNP3 Distributed Network Protocol version 3
MODBUS Protocol for communication with MODBUS device, version
MODBUS-examples Examples of Modbus communication, version
MODBUS – format Format of MODBUS frames
MODBUS 657 Protocol for communication with MODBUS device, sw version 657.
MODBUS 574 Protocol for communication with MODBUS device, older sw version 574.
MODBUS – ex 657 Examples for various MODBUS modes, version 6.57
SKAO – MODBUS Communication with NES power suply.
AXIMA The version of MODBUS protocol.
PROFIBUS Special protocol for the Profibus network.
CACTUS Protocol for CACTUS M/S network
HIRSCH Special protocol for communication with security device HIRSCH.
HIRSCH-D Transparent version of HIRSCH protocol.
FBII Protocol for the security device FBII.
ARITECH Protocol for the security device Aritech.
Protocols rarely used or obsolete follows:
MTS Protocol for communication between MR25 and MTS074.
RLA Protocol for communication with POS terminals of firm Dione.
Async HDLC Asynchronous HDLC link protocol derived from HDCL standard. Protocol accept recommendations in RFC11711, Point-to-Point
ZAT HDLC protocol for system ZAT Pribram.
TRANS FRAME Link protocol, transferring of transparent HDLC packets.
EXT SYNC Link synchronous protocol. Starts and stops of packets are assigned by RTS signal or set-uped maximum length of packet in protocol parameters.
TRANS SYNC Link synchronous protocol, similar to EXT SYNC, without control by RTS signal. Start of packet is defined by synchronization word.
MARS-U Old version of MARS-A protocol.
REM Old version of MARS-A protocol.
MARS-M Old version of MARS-A protocol
BEN Async link with DTE->DCD a DCD<-RTD transfer
WSR Protocol for PLC Sauter Rittmeyer WSR3000
DACP DACP-2B – Datec Asynchronous Communications Protocol

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